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A bit advanced music snow queen

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Текст просмотрен: 253
Добавлено: 2015-06-26
Оценка: 0
Длинна песни: 03:29
Название песни: Snow Queen
Поёт: A Bit Advanced Music

Текст песни

my beauty scares strangers in the night,
my breath - the coldest feeling in your life.
you just lay down to rest,
but your bones have already freeze to the land.

you admire your actions, but it's like fine dust.
I hope you're well behaved, if not-mend yourself fast.
you'll forget all adversities over the past year
when one night you'll feel natural fear

to be honest,
I'm disappointed in you.
you barely have time
I barely feel sorry

this morning
i've got a present to you.
my glance full of grin
and scorn a few.


flakes slowly fall to the ground
sadness slowly leaves your face
I found great happiness this year
which will help me to win the race

where are my immortal horses
where my endless crude oil
all merged together in one being
which sleeps curled up like a coil

A Bit Advanced Music - Snow Queen

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