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A sense of gravity

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Текст просмотрен: 170
Добавлено: 2015-07-10
Оценка: 0
Длинна песни: 04:01
Название песни: Stormborn
Поёт: A Sense Of Gravity

Текст песни

With every second I am blown away
By revelations that strangle all the life from me
High expectations, congenital defect
A devolution, a cause without effect
I am stormborn

The execution of the id that is to rule them all
Exaggerates how disconnected we are as Millennials
Caressing what’s depressing brings relief that undermines
Impatiently awaiting exaltation leaves one compromised

It’s my fault
Not to have seen
Regression toward the mean
On my throne
I wanted more

Silent forever
Never crush us down
Keep it together
The yearning is bound to stop

Have to trust you’re not alone
A human truth explains it all
Debilitating flaws of mind
Are bent and carefully refined
As difficult as it may be
Removing the amenities
From dying dreams, now fantasies
Humor me

Tragically utopia plants its seeds
Destinies that bloom cannot be retrieved
Savagely the thorns are puncturing me

I won’t be confined
By these dying vines

Break through the ceiling
Fractured with time

Reach past the center
Take what is mine

A Sense of Gravity - Stormborn Guitar Playthrough

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