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Kids party up

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Текст просмотрен: 117
Добавлено: 2015-07-31
Оценка: 0
Длинна песни: 02:38
Название песни: Endless Choices
Поёт: Kids Party Up!

Текст песни

I'm sick and tired of endless troubles and lies still coming to my life
Don't get me wrong, 'cause I'm not giving up when everything's so hard
But head is full of thoughts, thoughts that don't mean anything
I feel like stranger in a strange land, even if I stay in my own head

Here you come with negative suggestions
Trying to decide for me what's right

And now I see you don't care,
Spit at all I used to know.
My mind is under pressure
I'm about to drown

In this sea of lies
I can't remember who I am
I shouldn't pay this price
Just let me go and don't even try

To wrest my dreams away from my soul, you've never been so strong
You should remember, I'm not giving up when everything's so hard
So I will carry on, I can make everything on my own
And every word I ever heard from you, I know it never has been true

Disgusting voice saying you have no choise
Stop suppressing my will!

After all what I've been through
For the sake of what lies ahead
You must get out from my head

Ok my friend but I can always go back
My hands are nearly around your neck
While fear has place in the depths of heart

Kids Party Up! - Endless Choices (Single 2015)

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