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Naya rivera sorry ft big sean

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Текст просмотрен: 168
Добавлено: 2015-07-05
Оценка: 0
Длинна песни: 03:36
Название песни: Sorry ft. Big Sean
Поёт: Naya Rivera

Текст песни

Hook: Naya Rivera
Sorry, I'm not sorry
Cause I’ve been rolling round, shut it down, lady
Bagged him up, now he’s my baby
Sorry, I'm not sorry
Yeah, you had your fun now it's done, crazy
Lookin' at his number one lady
S-O-R-R-Y, S-O-R-R-Y
Yeah you had your fun, now it's done, crazy
Lookin' at his number one lady

Verse 1: Naya Rivera
I don't really know much about you
But it's clear you know my name
So I guess all I can tell you
Is that I don't have much to say
If you used to be the one
Well I don't know shit about it
I don't know shit about it
But I know you are mad about it
He loves the way I put it down
Starstruck on what he found
You wish that it played out different
Yeah I know it sucks, girl
I'm so...


Verse 2: Naya Rivera
Now you showing up at his house
Looking like a hot mess, honey
I think it's time for you to cut it out
Tryna save you from looking funny
I guess until you find somebody
You’re a hashtag and pity party
Party, party, party, party
All I gotta say is, I'm so...


Verse 3: Big Sean
You're now rolling with the all-time high, never satisfied
Forever getting paid off what money can't buy
Oh, my girl so fine that you scared to tell her "hi"
She a all-around ten like a high five
And we ain't fall in love, we skydive
I always get off when she's on, she's there
I'm gone, I call her "fine", she call me "Sean"
And I love 'em quarter G, quarter freak
Quarter Puerto Ric, quarter sweet
Honolu-lulu out on the beach
South of France me and my Mona Lis'
Bon app

Naya Rivera - Sorry (Lyric Video) ft. Big Sean

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