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Rise against the unraveling

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Текст просмотрен: 216
Добавлено: 2015-08-08
Оценка: 0
Длинна песни: 03:12
Название песни: The Unraveling
Поёт: Rise Against

Текст песни

And all the things that we tie together
Keep unraveling apart,
And the light that used
To burn so bright now is dark.
With anger-faced intent we set fire
To the bridges that remain and
They're wading through the current now

And they drown in the flood of the tears
That have been wept,
And I scream to the sky:
"No, you are not alone..."

If you think that your words
Will ever make a difference,
Think again and carry on
Because the weight behind the hand
That holds us is strong,
But there is hope in the roar
Of a thousand pleading cries
And all these things
That we tie together...

The sound of their tongues
Being bitten is all I hear
As we fire at the whites of their eyes,
Then dance on ashes of the world

As they drown in the flood of the tears
That have been wept,
And their tongues being bitten
Is all that I can hear,
As I scream to the sky:
"I need you now..."

Can you feel this truth
Now unraveling?
Or will you chase the burning sun
Into the sea?

Rise Against - The Unraveling (Full Album)

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