Kis 2017 триал ресет

This page has been created to show an optimal way to configure Kaspersky Internet Security 2017 (KIS2017).

System Requirements

Please verify that your system meets the requirements for the product you are installing.

kis 2017 триал ресет

Here is the page listing the system requirements for KIS.

If your system does not at least meet these requirements, you will need to make changes to fix the shortfall kis 2017 триал ресет proceeding.

Failure to kis 2017 триал ресет so will just give you and your system a nasty headache.

Introductory, Troubleshooting, Licensing

If you have found this wiki, but want some more background on sourcing Kaspersky or troubleshooting or license issues and other introductory stuff, have a look kis 2017 триал ресет the Kaspersky general wiki :-)

Let Us Begin

The objective is to set up KIS in a secure and automated way, so that it is effectively "set and forget".

The steps in advance are:

  1. Ensure your KIS license is handy.
  2. Malware Check and Removal
  3. Download KIS
  4. Uninstall all existing Anti-malware products
  5. Install KIS
  6. Configure KIS
  7. Reboot (Restart your computer)


Ensure your KIS license is handy.

If you're clever, you will have registered, and stored your license keys on My Kaspersky.

Of course, if you haven't, you should not proceed until you fiddle around and find the licence.

2. Malware Check

It is always wise to perform a malware check and removal before any installation.

Usually, there are three (3) tools that I use to verify a clean system.

  1. AdwCleaner
  2. Junkware Removal Kis 2017 триал ресет (direct link) -> wiki

Zemana is small in footprint and uses cloud technology quite well.

It is what MWB-AM once was. The only issue with it is: if your Internet is broken, then so is Zemana.

3. Download KIS

KIS can be downloaded from the Global Repository(direct link).

Make sure you remember the name of the file you downloaded as well as the folder to which it was downloaded.


Uninstall Existing Anti-malware products

Kaspersky requires that you do this

ALL Anti-Virus / Internet Security / Total Security / Anti Exploit / Anti Malware products can be safely deemed INCOMPATIBLE with KIS (and each other). They MUST be COMPLETELY removed prior to KIS installation. You're trialling / buying / have bought KIS to keep your system safe. Let it do its job properly – unhindered by some other kis 2017 триал ресет you've used in the past.

If you don't, it will cause issues – sooner or later.

This page shows the list of many, but not all of the incompatible Anti-Malware products.

Use this Kaspersky FAQ page to determine how to remove non-Kaspersky products.

This also applies to ALL versions of Kaspersky (AV or IS or TS).

Make sure the application is *completely* removed.

Uninstall Kaspersky Internet Security from the computer eg:
How to uninstall Kis 2017 триал ресет Internet Security 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016

To understand more, see here.

ONLY if necessary, and only if the product uninstall fails, you can use this tool to forcibly remove ALL Kaspersky software – as a last resort.

On systems prior to Windows 10, Windows Defender must be disabled also.

Start > (enter Defender in the search bar) kis 2017 триал ресет Windows Defender > Tools > Options > Administrator > Untick Use this program Save Close

On Windows 10 systems, I have left Windows Defender in its default state – no issues noted.


Install KIS

If you haven't restarted Windows since your malware cleanup and/or uninstall, you kis 2017 триал ресет do that now. Windows MUST be stable and clean before commencing the Install.

Click on the KIS file you downloaded and follow the prompts

A detailed installation guide can be found here.

Once you have installed KIS2017, you can configure the settings for it.

You can configure the settings during the database update process.

Settings verified valid as at KIS Version

Before we start: I am putting this wiki up so you can see what I have done.

The assumption is that the settings are at the OPTIMISED DEFAULT. If you've hacked around and changed a few settings, you will need to RESET the settings to the OPTIMISED DEFAULT and start again.

If I don't mention something, then for now it is kis 2017 триал ресет OPTIMISED DEFAULT setting.

This is not what you'll get if you hack around. Some kis 2017 триал ресет, when used in conjunction with my configuration, will cause issues. You have been warned.

Resetting settings to Factory Default

To go back to the factory default settings do BOTH of the following steps:

  • GUI > Settings > Manage Settings > Restore > Next > Check radio button "Restore all settings" > Next > Continue > Finish
  • GUI > Settings > Default > Optimal


kis 2017 триал ресет

Configure KIS

Here are the VERY simple, quick mods I did from scratch. This is a typical set-and-forget configuration.

Run up the GUI kis 2017 триал ресет not already on the screen)

Click Settings – It's the little cog on the bottom left of the KIS GUI

Generallink on the left

  • Confirm slider is "On"
  • Confirm ALL boxes Ticked
  • Click Setup Password Protection link
    • Enter the password1 you want in both entry boxes
    • Tick all boxes below
    • Click Save
    • Re-enter the password when prompted and tick "Save Password for current session"
    • Click "Continue"
  • Click Default Settings (link on bottom right)
    • Choose the Optimal2 setting

1 You need a password to both avoid Kaspersky being forced to exit and, if you have children, Parental Control.

DON'T share it with people who should not know, okay.
2 Changing the default from Optimal to Maximum will SLOW you down and MAY increase false positives. Changing the default from Optimal to Minimum will make the system faster (NOT kis 2017 триал ресет, but malware MAY slip through.

Optimal is the best. Trust me

Protectionlink on the left underneath General

  • Confirm ALL modules are "On" except Anti-Spam, if you use Webmail (no local mail client)
  • Click Software Updater
    Note that this feature updates third party products
    You should take a moment here to consider the IMPACT of this
    Some people would prefer Kis 2017 триал ресет to have this feature on at all
    If you don't want Kaspersky grabbing updates for your "other" software, turn the slider OFF
    • Tick the box for Automatic Updates
    • Check the Radio Button for Important Updates
    • Click the back arrow at the top left.
  • Click Private Browsing
    • Check Radio Button for Block Data Collection
    • Tick all the boxes
    • Click the back arrow at the top left.
  • Click Web Anti-Virus
    • Click Advanced Settings
    • Tick all boxes
    • Check "On all Websites" radio button
    • Click the back arrow at the top left – twice.
  • Click Firewall
    • Click Networks
    • Ensure "Internet" is set to "Public"
    • Ensure your local network is set to YOUR PREFERRED TRUST LEVEL (Public, Local, or Trusted)
      To change a setting, right-click on it and choose your preference
      A network should only be trusted if you're sure all devices on it are protected appropriately!!
    • Click X (top right) to close Network properties window
    • Click the back arrow at the top left
  • Click Application Manager
    • Tick all boxes EXCEPT Block changes
    • Click the back arrow at the top left
  • Click Anti-Banner
    • Ensure all boxes ticked
    • Click the back arrow on the top left

Performancelink on the left underneath Protection

  • All boxes should be ticked EXCEPT for "Perform Idle Scan" Why?

    Avoid excessive disk activity – esp SSDs

Scanlink kis 2017 триал ресет the left underneath Performance

  • Click "Scan Schedule" link kis 2017 триал ресет choose Quick Scan
    • Set it to run every day at a convenient time
    • Tick "Run scheduled scan on the next day"
    • Click the Save button
  • Click "Scan Schedule" link and choose Full Scan
    • Set it to run Weekly or Monthly as you prefer
    • Tick "Run scheduled scan on the next day"
    • Click the Save button
  • Click "Scan Schedule" link and choose Vulnerability Scan
    • Set it to run Weekly or Daily as kis 2017 триал ресет prefer at a convenient time
    • Tick "Run scheduled scan on the next day"
    • Click the Save button

Additionallink on the left underneath Scan

  • Click Threats and Exclusions
    • Both boxes ticked
    • Click the left arrow at the top left

If you are having issues with updates, you might want to do this:

  • Click Network
    • UnTick "Limit traffic on metered connections"
    • Click the left arrow at the kis 2017 триал ресет left

For those of you who do not wish to receive any news and promotional material from Kaspersky, you may wish to do the following:

  • click Notifications
    • Untick all boxes under "News kis 2017 триал ресет and "Promotional material" headings.
      Touch NOTHING else on this page.
    • Click the back arrow at the top left.

Generalyes, first link on the left again

  • Click Manage Settings then Export settings
    • Folder is your choice – I used Documents
    • Name is your choice – Kis 2017 триал ресет specified KIS2017
    • Click Save button



Once the configuration and the UPDATE are BOTH completed, you SHOULD restart the computer.

There are items, such as the web browser and core component patches, that will be enabled on reboot.

If your browser asks, please kis 2017 триал ресет the Kaspersky extensions and/or component(s) to install and confirm that they are enabled and running.

You should verify that Kaspersky's browser protection modules and/or extensions are loaded and activated at this point.

A note on Safe Money

If all is working well, you'll see a green border around the browser when in Safe Money.

You might also see a little green Kaspersky message – bottom right in that tab – saying you are protected. If not, please read on.

IF, after rebooting and going to your bank/whatever and KIS (Safe Money) is displaying an Orange border, you'll also find a note in the bottom right telling you why.

You can click these (esp in the case of Chrome) for further details. To assist with each, see the paragraphs immediately below.

If you're advised that hypervisor technology is disabled, you kis 2017 триал ресет to access the BIOS and enable Virtualization.

For info on how to verify and make the change, see this support page.

If protection is not enabled, you will need to make changes to your browser. See here for how to do so.


Naturally, the Kis 2017 триал ресет Thread has people watching who like to help.

Feel free to ask questions on the Kaspersky Global USER forum as well.

You will need kis 2017 триал ресет supply:

  1. History – have you migrated from another product, been previously infected, run without protection etc.

    What you have done up to this point.

  2. Config – which Kaspersky product, on what Windows x86 or x64
  3. Problem – what's the issue, when did it start, what you have done so far. Take screenshots, upload to imgur, link them
  4. GSI – this might be requested.

    If kis 2017 триал ресет don't want to supply it, don't expect help from either source. Log a ticket with Kis 2017 триал ресет via instead.

The advice on the global user forum is provided by many people.

The moderators are usually the ones whose advice you should take. The view on ANY advice given is: Any advice that turns protection off or reduces it from the Optimal setting is NOT advised.

And that's it!

Thank you for visiting. Enjoy!

If you have any ideas for settings to discuss, post them here. Note that it (KIS2017) really is much like KIS2016.

(Note: Feel free to adjust this wiki to suit ongoing changes.

Please alert the users via the thread if you do make changes.)


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