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|| Operator (C# Reference)

The conditional-OR operator () performs a logical-OR of its operands.

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If the first operand evaluates tothe second operand isn't evaluated. If the first operand evaluates tothe second operator determines whether the OR expression as a whole evaluates to or.

The operation

corresponds to the operation

except that if is is not evaluated because the OR operation is призы бладборн of the value of. This concept is known призы бладборн "short-circuit" evaluation.

The conditional-OR operator cannot be overloaded, but призы бладборн of the regular logical operators and the true and false operators are, with certain restrictions, also considered to be overloads of the conditional logical operators.


In the following examples, the expression that uses evaluates only the призы бладборн operand. The expression that uses evaluates both operands. In the second example, a run-time exception occurs if both operands are evaluated.

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