Сколько cl-updaterate ставит сахар


сколько cl-updaterate ставит сахар, 06:50
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I've never really understood the cl_updaterate, cl_cmdrate and cl_rate commands so can anyone explain these for me?

My current settings are cl_updaterate 45, cl_cmdrate 50, cl_rate 1000 which I've had since 2001 when I was on Paradise 128k.

сколько cl-updaterate ставит сахар

However, have since changed ISP's a couple of times and have recently returned back to Paradise but through their Telstraclear cable network (2mbit plan).

My ping сколько cl-updaterate ставит сахар fine to every Aussie server (50-80ms) apart from the MCGOOHQ servers but have experienced a bit of choke at times, especially when there's a bit happening on the screen on GameArena for instance.

I may need to make some adjustments now that I frequent aussie servers.

Any help please?

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сколько cl-updaterate ставит сахар
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