Vmware vsphere essentials kit

vmware vsphere essentials kit

Apologies in advance if this is posted in the wrong area - I have been going round and round trying to find answers and suitable place.


I have been looking at vSphere Essentials Plus Kit for 3 hosts and just have a few questions.


1) The limitation states 2 CPUs.  Does this mean physical cores?  As an example I currently have a small number vmware vsphere essentials kit VMs running on an HP DL360 G5 which has Xeon Processor.  ESXi reports this as 2 sockets, but 8 cores.  So in this example would VMWare see this as 2 CPU or 8 CPU?

(I realise this hardware is not compliant with V5 of vSphere but I am keen to understand the principles of the limitation)


2) Is there anyway to migrate from ESXi 4.1 to vSphere Essentials Plus Vmware vsphere essentials kit (which I assume is 5.1?) as this for me would entail both a hardware and software upgrade.  Or am I vmware vsphere essentials kit setting up a new system and using something like vCenter Converter to move the VMs?


3) Is there such a thing as a vSphere Essentials Plus Kit evaluation?  If not, how do I go about testing my environment.  I don't want to invest in any new hardware/software if for some reason this doesn't work vmware vsphere essentials kit me


I am looking to move from ESXi for reslience and redundancy reasons.  I only run 1 ESXi box at present with approx 6 VMs so I am not a major user and I think Essentials Plus Kit fits the bill on everything else.


Thanks in advance for your feedback and advice.


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